Delighted you've joined me!
How you've arrived at this site would probably surprise me,
but that you've arrived at this site blesses me immensely and speaks to a desire of wanting "more" of Christ.
With this unified desire in mind, our hands clasp and our souls intertwine, and together we make the journey upward.
Our key word for the month is "Optimize."
Optimize - To make the most of;
To utilize something in the most efficient and proficient way possible in order to garner favorable results.

All that has been given us in Christ is intended to be realized, exercised, and optimized in our lives.
Those who steep in the Word,
Keep in the Word,
And Obey the Word,
Will reap the blessing of intimacy and communion with the Living Word.
When the chief aim of our lives becomes about Christ living through our lives,
the world begins to fade and purpose begins to invade our earthly existance;
We become what we were meant to be and live out with fulness our calling and true destiny.
The stewards and saints of fellow sojourners who went before us compel us and inspire us to progress in our journey upward.
In our time together we will observe them, listen to them, and utilize their experiences in order to enhance and optimize our own.
Together we move forward and make the journey upward.
Yours on the journey,
-Darrelyn L. Tutt
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