Delighted you've joined me!
How you've arrived at this site would probably surprise me,
but that you've arrived at this site blesses me immensely and speaks to a desire of wanting "more" of Christ.
With this unified desire in mind, our hands clasp and our souls intertwine, and together we make the journey upward.
Our key word for the month is "Discovery."
Discovery - To find, uncover, locate something of interest.
To unearth, open up, and realize a new thing.

Pursuit of Christ leads us into the wonder of new discoveries and into a fuller and more intimate walk with Him.
Those who steep in the Word and keep in the Word will reap the blessing of new discoveries absorbed in the Word.
Our focal point will be directed toward discoveries "made of stone" this month.
Literally, we will discover "diamonds in the stone" as we explore these meaningful visual aids that empowered godly invididuals with the ability to remember, rehearse, and recall the acts and faithfulness of God.
Utilizing the "markers" of others, we will consider how stones of some kind, might be useful in our own journey of faith.
Together we move forward and make the journey upward.
Yours on the journey,
-Darrelyn L. Tutt
*Tap the Scripture referenced below and it will take you into today's study.
This study is being offered as a personal, private, and reflective intimacy enhancer ...
For your eyes only.

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