By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The weather was cool, the winds were strong, and yesterday's walk felt good.
 I'd begun a challenging stride up a healthy hill when I noticed something delicious out of the corner of my eye:
A golden colored #2 pencil highlighting itself and wedged between two sidewalk staves. The crack held it tightly and the color captivated me instantly. I knelt down and tipped up the lead of the pencil, dislodging it with a fingernail, and delighted with my new-found treasure.
It was mine ...
A sentimental gift and token to a writer:
This was the same pencil I'd completed the Iowa Basics Test with; scribbling hard to form a little mouth darkened "o".
This was the same pencil that trekked along with me in my schoolbag and accompanied me in my writing journey.
This was the same pencil that consistently broke in my little pencil holder bag and had to be sharpened continually.
Such a little tool ... and yet such a meaningful instrument in the hand of a writer.
Here sits, now, my golden friend;
saved from the demise of a sidewalk grave and enjoying the life of a blond-haired, blue-eyed energized individual, already more than an acquaintance and delightfully employed in meaningful dialogue which might one day grace the world.
This golden #2 pencil ...
 already appointed a sacred place on my treasured writing desk and putting a smile on my face like an excited child who's found a dollar-billed treasure.
And I think to myself ...
To appreciate and enjoy simple things is really a very special and beautiful gift all by itself. To see and take note of all that gets lost in the cracks, and to enjoy what a thousand people step over and never really see at all is a treasured gift indeed.
Is it yours?
Slow down and see what's hidden between the cracks. Then seize the treasure with childlike pleasure ...
 a #2 golden pencil.