By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The anticipatory month of January is upon us.
It's my perception that many of us are going to encounter and experience a new year teeming with life, joy, and extraordinary possibility.
Since January begins and ends with the same letters as joy, the letters in-between January will be our agents for an acrostic which will serve as a "word enablement" to the experience and remembrance of it.
J - Journey of Joy
 A "Journey of Joy" begins with Jesus Christ and a heart, mind, and mouth overflowing with praise to Him. Gratitude, thanksgiving, and praise are the byproducts of life "with" Christ and every time we transfer our thoughts to Him, our tongues translate hope, energy, and power.
"Seven times a day do I praise Thee because of Thy righteous judgments."
Psalm 119:164
The moment you begin to implement this blessed truth, your journey of joy will begin.
Start this year's journey with Jesus;
and implement the habit of beginning each day with Him.
A - Acts
Read through the book of Acts this month and combine it with your other enjoyable reads.
Composed of 28 chapters, Luke will steer you into redemptive life surging with possibility, opportunity, and joyful expression.
You'll meet up with the Holy Spirit and you'll be activated with joy in His presence.
*Invest in one new book of the Bible each month and you'll be surprised by what it does for you.
N - Noteworthy
Make your January "note-worthy" with a purchase of a personal journal where you keep notes which are worthy of recording.
Choose to make this year's journal a composition of praise, adoration, and thanksgiving.
Speak to the positive. Record the positive. Resist and refuse the negative.
U - Unity
Unity provides empowerment and we become unified with those of a "like mind".
Like minds can be either positive or negative ... so be careful!
True unity is built on the life-giving, joy elements of truth, grace, and redemption and seeks to love and draw others into itself.
True unity brings deep joy to ourselves and to God the Father.
Evaluate your "unity" group and consider its shared theme.
A - Abilities and Avenues
Look for new avenues, this month, to utilize your God-given abilities and be willing to be stretched in order to realize new possibilities.
-If you're gifted with music, consider taking on a student who might benefit from your wisdom, experience, and expertise.
-Attend a conference or workshop which contributes to growth and new community.
-Invite one new individual into your life who is advanced in your "ability" arena and learn from them.
Gifts and abilities are "joy enablers."
Enjoy them and share them with others.
R - Resolutions!
Make them. Have them. Work toward them.
Resolutions create purposed living and deep joy in progressively moving toward them.
Resolutions keep us moving onward when we're tempted to look backward.
Resolutions remind us that we're made for something bigger, and they invite us to explore a larger sphere and bigger potential.
Where we are resolved, we are refreshed with renewed vitality and purpose!
Consider creating one resolution for each month as a beginning.
Y - Year
The year of 2019 begins with the month of January and ends with whatever you make it.
Dare to do some risk-taking this month.
Evaluate what you'd like to see and who you'd like to "be" in the new year and implement a strategy that will get you there.

Be purposed in your goal setting and create a monthly work-out for yourself that displays your investment in the "becoming."
Joy is a byproduct of a purpose filled life.
Begin with January and live your life to the full...
In 2019.
"The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written."
-Melodie M.