By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I've mined the depths and known the deep;

and now the jewels are mine to keep.
-Darrelyn L.
Jewel Cave ...
A plummet of 24 stories in 28 seconds proved a suggestive entrance into an unforgettable "caving" experience. In just 28 seconds the world changed, the earth shifted, and my lens was remarkably readjusted.
 I found myself a welcomed guest in a great canyon composed of raw and organic material. Beautiful deposits of mineral, stone, and jewel threaded themselves into endless veins and passageways of uncut stone.
+A crystal chandalier of stalactite straws hanging from red-marbeled bedrock.
+Bacon strips woven into violet limestone feeding a sedimentary thread.
+Calcite crystals and dogtooth spars etched into white-pearled cauliflowered walls.
+Popcorn balls in buttered oil wedged into calcite rocks and dripping.
+Jeweled diamonds and hanging stalagmites enveloped in pearl-studded calcite.
+Tears dripping hard on earthen stone and pearl formed crystals emerging.
The anatomy of a cave is a glorious thing with unlimited thought attending.
A sense of exploration is induced, a curious passion produced, and a wonder and imagination induced.
In Jewel Cave I found myself a recipient of a sacred viewing, an uneducated explorer privy to an "elitist" caver's dream:
A Speleologist's (cave studier) sanctuary.
A Spelunker's quarry.
A Geologist's treasure.
An Armchair Caver's (experienced caver) pleasure.
How rich and absorbing and mystery-exposing is the great underground and its surreal unearthings.
One discovery leads to the next whetting the appetite for more; this is the jeweled treasure to be found in adventure!
 A "Historic Lantern Tour" composed of 2 1/2 hours consisting of crawling and duck-squatting with only a lantern attending now tops the list for a "soon and coming" adventure.
28 seconds and a trip down-under can make a "world" of difference.
Explore the down-under and discover ...
28 seconds and counting.
"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek."
-Joseph Campbell