7,242 FEET

7,242 FEET
By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

A beautiful desire knocks with clarity on my soul,
And there's a little voice on the other side of the "knock" whose voice I do not know.
The voice provides me an understanding of the soul on the other side.
The voice speaks and her "person" is named Vulnerable.
I'm not afraid of the voice and I'm not afraid of the name.
My ears are in tune to her.
My eyes are watching out for her.
My soul is familiar with her.
 God continues to "break me in" in order to love on her.
In the beautiful desire of my soul,
I open up the door and meet the pilgrim Vulnerable.
She's beautiful just the way I knew she would be.
All of her vulnerability looks imploringly into me and we exchange a soft and familiar gaze.
I've been where she is now ... and I haven't forgotten.
I have made my vows to God and I will not leave her,
Forget her,
Or remove myself from her.
 I present a gift to her;
A tangible life-giving dream to her:
A physical journey to a not so far away land.
A land and a mount called Harney Peak now renamed Black Elk Peak.
Together we will climb and arrive at a peak which boasts spectacular and unforgettable beauty.
We will hike up the highest summit in the United States east of the Rockies,
Reaching an altitude of 7,242 feet.
We'll witness a breath-taking, unforgettably exhilarating view upon a strenuous and challenging climb.
It might be a hot day, cold day, or in-between day;
But it will be a "never-the-same-day."
The day's expenses will be incurred by me and every little pleasure I can think of will be afforded by me.
A lunch out,
Coffee and Caramels at the Turtle Shop,
A small gift and reminder of the day.
But the camaraderie will occur on the climb up Harney.
Words will be sparce,
Conversation minimal,
But the sacredness of union ... holy beautiful.
In a tangible way I will breathe life into the beautiful pilgrim, Vulnerable.
The hike up the peak will demonstrate the soul's resilience to life's adversities:
It will attach glimpses of beauty with steps of adversity,
It will heighten and brighten future dreams, ambitions, and aspirations.
It will foster a dedication to completing difficulties that stand presently in the way.
The hike up Harney will provide a needed sustenance to an internally weary frame and provide the lens with prospects and possibilities still to come.
Mmmm ...
To be an able and active participant on someone's journey,
And provide them with compassion, companionship, and clarity, is the most beautiful desire God has so far given me.
All praise to Him.
Put feet to your dreams and find your "Harney."
Help another put feet to theirs,
And invite them along.
My desire is in a soul named Vulnerabililty.
Something tells me I'm going to meet "that" soul today.