8% or 92%

8% or 92%
By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

This narrow population percentage is composed of goal-achievers;
individuals energized by attaining and achieving end results deemed significant to them.
What's so fantastic about the 8% is its elasticity ... for no two individuals are alike just as no two goals are exactly alike;
each takes on its own shape, make, and wondrous outcome!
We find ourselves in the narrow 8% when we commmit ourselves to the completion of identified goals. This narrow road, consisting of a small population, is strategically paved with life defining and enhancing qualities of focus, purpose, energy, challenge, drive, determination, and growth.
The 8% is fueled with energy, enthusiasm, and passion.
Consider individuals in the 8%.
Does your name appear on the list?
 Why or why not?
 Consider the core group of individuals you surround yourself with on a continual basis and whether any of them are in the 8%.
Of notable interest is the notable reality that the 92% of non-goal achieving individuals mix continually together ... as do the 8%.
The beauty of the 8% is that it's composed of liberating, energizing, visionary, special individuals who differ greatly from one another and yet bear out commonalities shared by one another:
+Strategies differ but the 8% is employed and engaged in taking concrete steps toward the completion of a goal.
+Motivational methods differ but the 8% knows how they're motivated and constructively makes use of recharging methods.
+Interests differ but the 8% confidently and ardently moves in its own quest.
+Vision differs but the 8% are looking through a 20/20 lens.
+Resources differ but 8% is utilizing them.
 The 8% is aroused, ignited, and stirred to do what the 92% is unwilling to do.
Herein lies the difference.
Sweat. Grit. Faith. Determination. Energy. Humility. Curiosity. Resilience. Confidence. Perseverance.
These are the inspiring and empowering ...
"traits of the eights".
8% or 92% ...
It's 100% up to you.