By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Intrigued by a passage in a present book, I've decided to put forth lines found to be captivating and provoking, with the desire to inspire you as well.
We begin ...
"The heels of her pumps clicked on the pavement and her bracelets jingled.
Suddenly two large men leapt out from a doorway and loomed in front of her. They were very rough.
Without thought Celine said,
'Oh! You must be freezing!"
Addressing the larger of the two, she said, 'You'll catch your death of cold. Your shirt is all ripped. Let me see if I have a safety pin.' With that she opened up her purse and began rifling through it.
The men stared.
They were dumbfounded.
'Here, found one!' she said and pulled it out and reached up and deftly folded back the edge of the rip, smoothing it carefully so that it made a neat edge the pin could catch, and she did the same on the other side of the tear, and with wonderful concentration pushed the pin through both sides and secured it.
She patted it neatly down, 'There,' she said, 'You'll be much warmer now.'
The men stared. When they could speak they told her that this, ah, neighborhood was really really dangerous and what was she doing out here all alone?
Then they insisted on walking her to the corner and waiting with her for a cab.
Of course no cab would stop, the men were too formidable. So she finally turned to them and said, 'You two were on your way to doing something, why don't you go do it. I'll be fine. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.'
And as soon as they left she hailed a taxi.
She had not been in command of a frigate that night, and her motive was not a vanquishing of any kind, but the instinct to go straight ahead where others wouldn't dream to go ..."
This was all about her.
Book excerpt retrieved from "Celine"
By: Peter Heller
A dozen times over I have read these lines ... captivated by the beauty of a vulnerable woman's bold and daring appeal suggesting better behavior than such men are deemed capable of acting out.
By "sleight of hand" and through the tender appeal of a gentle act, the hardness of men softens into a glorious kind of "putty" by which all thought of ill-behavior is forgotten and the best of good behavior is called out.
To call forth respectable behavior from reproachable reprobates is a powerful thing in my book ...
 And overpowering in it's suggestion to bring a beautiful kind of bold into a very dark place when we are afforded the opportunity.
It is our tender duty to help engender noble acts which many men have forgotten they are capable of performing
And somewhere I recall an old line ...
We must be careful what we think and say of others for men have a way of living up to our expectations of them.
Hmmm ...
A tender touch and a gracious act in a moment charged with evil and ill-conceived desire has the power to motivate, many times, a gentle kind of goodness from the darkest of men.
To see the best in others,
Believe the best in others,
And bring out the best in others,
And bring light into darkness ...
This is beautiful.
A gentle act of a timely grace has the power to soften a very hard heart.
Go easy and prayerfully into a "next" such encounter.
Be a beautiful kind of bold ...
In someone's life.
"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
Matthew 5:16