By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Today we begin the April Adventure Bible Study and I'm inviting you to join.
You'll find this an entirely rejuvenating, liberating, and different kind of life-giving study; one which serves to implement and activate adventure in visibly and highly demonstrative ways.
 Our journey with God, my friend, ought to breed passion, vitality, and awareness;
it ought to be steeped in words like adventure, journey, and participation.
It should speak and breathe words like:
 Restoration. Rejuvenation. Reconstruction. Redemption. Replenishment.
Mmmm ...
God wants us to live and love our journey with Him.
 He's outfitted us for a summit view and given us His word, Son, and Spirit.
He's given us resources, gifts, and one another in an attempt to inspire and fuel us for the journey.
When we live lives void of intimate adventure, we live lives of stagnancy, apathy, and boredom.
Who's drawn to that?
Let's walk out the proof of our faith ... shall we?
Let's link hands and learn to live in a way that generates life, want, and desire in those around us.
Helen Keller said it best:
"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."