By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Yesterday was a crazy day.

Playing chauffeur for my husband, who was suffering with an abscessed tooth, we drove to Huron, SD, where he does his dental work.
Since we arrived at the dental office on fumes and prayers, my husband directed me to go immediately for a gas fill.
One must remember that the severe snowfall over the weekend had a profound impact on driving. Snow is hoisted up like piles of Everest down the medians and slippery ice spots are difficult to see.
To put it mildly, driving was a mess in the downtown district.
Hmmm ...
Working to gain momentum and get across the busy intersection, my tires hit a patch of solid road followed by a patch of icy road and I flew across to the other side of the road, performing a complete 180 degree, death defying "skid" in the process.Two four-wheel drive trucks were driving toward me with enough traffic behind them to lead a graveyard procession.
I swear those boys were working in unison ... almost like they saw me before I entered.
Simultaneously adjusting their brakes slowly, they kept the traffic behind them and somehow managed to give me time to "right my vehicle" and move in the right direction.
I wanted to hug them, stop and tell them thank you, but I never got the chance.
It was one of those head-pounding, heart-stopping moments where the "shakes" are yours for the rest of the day and you realize how close you came to experiencing something fatal.
God be praised ...
For such tender grace.
God be praised for seasoned drivers who tempered my possible fatality with wisdom in applying the brakes at just the right speed and at just the right time and came to my rescue.
It was God at work in them,
It was God at work in me,
I gave Him praise.
Over and over again in our lives, God provides "drivers" in our lives who come to our aid.
Over and over again, if we really stop and look, we can turn and see agents of God's grace at work on our behalf protecting us, purifying us, providing safety for us on our passage "home."
Over and over again we are given cause to experience the "shakes," which cause us to experience the God of glory in a new way, with the realization that apart from Him, we are simply one small fatality away from losing something or someone very precious.
It's God's grace which redemptively and repeatedly restores us,
Redirects us,
And returns us ...
To our Redeemer.
Let all men rejoice whom He lovingly turns around.
God be praised for His redemption in our 180's.