A New Year is Coming

What could you do in 90 days?

Well its quite likely most of us could accomplish a lot, were we to actually commit to something for that long (and then stick with it). However, in this busy world, filled with mountains to climb and challenges to conquer, it seems we’ve become more likely to sit back and check our facebook accounts (just once more!), rather than spend 30 minutes, or an hour, on yet another daily obligation.

And so we mill about, wishing our abs were tighter, our cooking skills allowed us to host amazing parties, and that we could actually make our fingernails look like those amazing Pinterest examples…but none of it happens.
My friends, that is because skills, talents, and achievements do not float by on the current, waiting to be plucked up and fastened to our belts. To reap the benefits we must sow the seeds and tend the fields. That may sound poetic, but any farmer will tell you it is hot, dirty work, requiring long days of early mornings and late nights. There are high costs involved with high yields, and a great deal of unseen effort and labor goes into making a productive field.

Life is like a field. We have to be willing to make investments in things that will not give us instantaneous results, to put in time that will not give us immediate benefits, and to trust that all the effort and work will eventually yield positive results. There are lots of “things” we can choose to put that kind of time and effort in to, and it can be so hard to know what, exactly, to invest in….the whole process can admittedly be overwhelming, to say the least. So here is a small example of how I chose to sow a seed that I knew would yield a plenteous harvest.

January 1, 2014 I committed to reading the Bible in 90 days. I utilized the For His Purpose - God's Word in 90 Days resource, and I committed to making the time needed for such and endeavor. I was not perfect, I will readily admit. I missed days, sometimes even multiple days in a row, and I had to fight to stay awake, or to read that one last chapter, or even to pick up my Bible and start reading at all.

And yet I did. Day after day, chapter after chapter, book after book, I saw God’s Word come alive before my very eyes and heart. And I have the blessed assurance that this work, these seeds, will truly yield a harvest that will far outweigh the “gains” of facebook, pinterest, and even flat abs.

Lots of us will be making resolutions in a few short weeks, pledging to improve our physical health, our family relationships, our budgets. Perhaps the most important thing we could do is to resolve to strengthen our foothold in the Word of God. 

What could your next 90 days hold