By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Jordon is the name of an individual I’ve never met and never known but I know he’s in trouble … so I’ve been praying for him.
Jordon either drew my cell number out of thin air in a desperate moment, or obtained it in some other strange way, with the hopes of diverting others and keeping others from finding him.
To some degree he’s temporarily succeeding,
but to the most important degree,
He’s living a lie and creating more of a mess.
I’ve listened to serious rants and a voice wielding authoritative power and I know, that Jordon knows, the list is long, strong, and true about his case.
Jordon’s in deep trouble.
Strangely, but quite sufficiently,
God has chosen to use “Jordon” to speak a message to me.
To some extent, it’s my belief, that Jordon represents a piece of all of us.
In some arena and in some hidden place of our lives, we try to outdistance reality and place space between ourselves and the thing we’re very ashamed of.
-We tell one lie … and find ourselves bound to more.
-We compromise in one arena … and find our lives compromised in countless others.
-We work to dismiss ourselves from taking responsibility and end up creating more.
Simply summarized: We invest more time and energy in diversionary tactics than in courageously owning up and taking personal responsibility for the wrongs we’ve committed.
To call the truth the truth,
And to call a lie a lie,
May be the most difficult and bravest act an individual ever truly performs;
But extraordinary blessing will attend, in some form, to the one who does so.
This is not a wish or hopeful thinking ... this is reality according to God's word;
And you can stake your life on it.
It’s buggerishly hard to be a “Jordon” and I cannot help but sympathize with his plight … to some degree.
He’s doing what he’s doing because he’s fearful.
He’s doing what he’s doing,
Living a lie,
And not really living at all.
For every “Jordon” on the run,
And every act that you've done,
There’s hope because of Jesus.
The consequences of a life removed from Him and fellowship barred with Him are not worth any of the lies your living, telling, or temporarily excusing yourself from.
Own up to the thing that prevents you from growth and communion with Christ and call a spade a spade,
A sin, a sin,
A lie, a lie.
Tell the truth, lean on the truth …
And begin to live again.
Truth and grace will always be stronger than the consequences you face, and most importantly ...
The truth will set you free and you will live again.
There’s hope beyond the “Jordon,”
Called the “Promised Land.”
The promise is from Christ ... to you and me.
“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
John 8:32