By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

On a positive note ... I just wrote seven.
It's a delicious thing to encourage and cheer others on.
Certain individuals crossed my mind this morning so I wrote a cheerful little note to each, slipped a "coffee splurge" gift card inside, and sent them on their merry way.
I'm confident that the recipients will enjoy them ... but I know that the chief delight was mine and the activity of thoughtfulness was deeply gratifying.
When we assign ourselves a positive activity, we align ourselves with a positive mentality.
This is true for any one of us at any given time without exception.
We become exactly what we presribe ourselves and others.
With this in mind, let's create five beautiful life-giving activites for implementation and see whether or not we're not positively impacted:
+Send five positive and life-giving quotes or words of encouragement to five individuals. Make sure to enlist a Veteran or serviceman as one of them.
 Consider a "written" note instead of a text and you'll find yourself impacted and affected to a greater degree. Try it and see.
 Decide the "degree" of positivity you wish to experience.
+July 4th is a perfect time to link up with a library.
Select a biography of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, or one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence and display an intelligent and thoughtful attitude in the freedom we celebrate.
A determination to respect history and heritage in a practical and concrete way assigns a positive and healthy mindset.
+Slow down!
Visit a historical museum or cemetery and choose to be quiet, reflective, and alone for awhile. Place flowers on a soldier's grave or take time to hear a Veteran's story. Positivity is bred by productivity of thought and reflection lends itself to the deepest kind of gratitude.
Encourage and invite it in in a tangible way.
*I'm looking foward to touring the "Battleship South Dakota Memorial" in a few hours,
 certain it will breed appreciation, education, and positivity.
+Deliver a delicious watermelon or picnic item to someone.
Get some red, white, and blue going in "you" and reinforce a positive mindset over the 4th by expressing thoughtfulness and generosity to others.
Invite someone to a fireworks display or a backyard picnic.
Thoughtfulness and "other-mindedness" breeds positivity.
Record something you'd like to be more of and simply do more of it.
Be concrete, strategic, and practical.
Assign yourself meaningful activities and begin to "do" what you wish to "be."
Begin on a positive note and ...
maybe the "writing" of one?
Hmmm ...
The possibilities are positively endless.