By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

See the tender cord of root but a vein,
the thread of mobility leaching life from the ground,
down under and beneath where no eye sees.
The umbilical cord of life clutched in strands of fertile soil, quietly incubating, harboring seed, and tender green.
Slow growth.
No sound.
Sight unseen.
But very much alive, she is indeed.
A rhythmic beat of life and a pulse so clean.
The wall cavity of earth tucked in-between.
And finally ... the tiny sprig of life appears.
The tender shoot of life held fast by earth below;
the embryo of seed sustained and nurtured down below, by sure and steady nutrient supply.
Beating gently ... saturated by ray, warmth, and sun.
Fertilized by amniotic supply of rain and dew.
Pushing, pulsating, bending, bowing.
The poke of soil and toddler head so drunk with dew ..
 and now the gasp.
And tender blade comes forth.
The stretch and early forecast of a robust yawn and nature's cry.
Transmitted through the air ...
in tender shoot.
  A Single Blade.