By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

In snyc.
A simple swing on a jungle-gym conveying.
She's stretched out like a board with her legs and arms extended, gripping the metal chains, gaining momentum with a cycle of knee and elbow bends, reaching higher and higher for the sky.
She looks into the sun, lays her head back, and laughs openly.
Beautiful. Energizing. Engaging.
She's not alone ...
A beautiful little boy is extended on top of her, laid back in perfect mimicry and symmetry against her body. His head is pressed tighly against her breast, forced down by gravity's pull into an intense embrace.
 Together their faces are lifted toward the sun. Higher and higher they go ... feet almost touching the sky.
Shouting and laughing in a triumphant language, the little boy is shrieking in pure and utter delight,
"Higher ... go higher."
And together they go.
The shadows dance and the memories are pure.
The little boy and his "Me-ma" share their secrets and love for life ...
On a single swing.
"Emotion is energy in motion."
-Peter Mcwilliams