By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Great and loving Father,
Thy Spirit has made swollen my spirit.
In tender love and mercy Thou hast swallowed up my mortality with Thy immortality,
Thou hast exchanged my weakness for Thy strength,
Thou hast extended to my fickleness Thy great faithfulness;
and Thou dost become, with growing passion, the greater object and chief affection of my soul.
Kindle within me a knowledge and understanding of Thy all-surpassing great power.
Let Thy pleasure become chief endeavor in this day’s undertakings.
Let me seek Thy face and Thy favor above all others.
Let my one attainment be of Thy glory revealed to and through me.
Hold captive my wandering thought,
Take captive my wayward soul,
guard it for my good and keep me for Thy eternal pleasure and name’s sake.
Allow me safe passage into Thy holy presence and grant refusal to all that is not in accordance with Thy holiness.