By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Spectacular, Beautiful, Memorable.
Friday night was an unusually beautiful November night.
We capped off a memorable week with loved ones by a visit to the Falls Park where we were met by a winter wonderland that instantly bypassed even the most descriptive of reviews.
A beautiful blaze of 26 miles of stringed lights, lit up trees as far as the eye could see, enhanced by the accoustical sound of Christmas music in the air met and intoxicated us in a moment.
The "Falls" themselves provided an iridescent backdrop entirely breathtaking ... and a view from the observation deck was glorious.
All around me ... was light.
The night was lit up with "breathtaking beautiful."
Garnering a notch in my "Top 10" list of places to see, and a Niagara to compare it with, it retains a secluded special place in my memory box and will be revisited.
First times, first places, first "unforgettables" lodge themselves in the heart in ways that cannot be properly defined ... and many times the realization and appreciation of them grows and becomes more illumined with time.
His presence,
His voice,
His whisper,
His words ...
His light alive in our darkness.
And the landscape of the soul's human darkness only seems to "show up and show off" the glorious radiant splendor of the endless miles of well-lit truth adorning the paths of those He dearly loves.
The exploration of truth and all of its luminous discoveries lies before each of us and He desires for us to enjoy it with Him in all of its splendor.
Go where you must but don't miss out on the true "Light show" He has provided for you:
-Ascend the steps of the observation deck and take a look around and be amazed, awe-struck, and astounded and tell Him what you see of Him.
-Walk the paths that wind the falls and admire and exclaim over the mirrored waters, the canopied star-studded skies, and the perfect calm of ordered serenity that His holy hands fashioned and put in place.
-And then pinch yourself and remind yourself that He did it ... for "you."
You were made for more.
Breathe Him in, open His word, and explore His beautiful presence.
"This then is the message which we have heard of Him and declare unto you, that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all."
1 John 1:5