By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"Wish I would have ... wish I could have.
I'd do so much over again and do it so differently."
Are you one of "those" people?
Is your emphasis on the past and negativity or are you joyfully employed in the present and living it out positively? Do you love the life you're living now or are you going to be repeating the same lines of negativity one year from now?
In the name of all that's good and right, my friend, cease from the "muddles and puddles" and begin to live again.
Appreciate the present.
Live out adventure.
Experience more. Explore more. Enjoy more.
To all the nay-sayers and happiness slayers out there, consider my thoughts of challenging empowerment:
I'm not wishing for a life to live over again.
 I love the one I've got!

I feel like I'm living life all over again ... and I'm enjoying it.
I dare to make more mistakes and take more risks. I dare to admit more frailty and accept more of my humanity. 
I'm more adventurous this time around.
Less demanding of myself.
More relaxed.
I laugh more, play harder, and love deeper.
Everything I wished to be in younger years ...
I am becoming.
I believe in the power of redemption and honest confession.
I believe in loving openly, suggestively, and passionately.
I believe that authenticity and vulnerability are the foundation of true relationship and honest fellowship.
I believe in shared transparency with others.
I'm more supportive of others.
More emphatic about grace.
More quick to embrace.
 I speak to possibilities and convey a mindset of positivity.
I believe that options are unlimited, opportunities are endless, and adventure awaits.
In growing more childlike ... I believe we grow more beautiful.
I love who God is making me and I hope you love who God is making you.
I don't wish for a life to live over again ...
I love the one I've got.
How about you?
Love the life you live ...
An echo will follow.