By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Exclamation behavior is gutsy, bold behavior with an extra cherry on top!
It's energizing, embraceable, and exclamation-able.
It's the bouncing polka dot on the bottom of the exclamation mark that progresses forward energetically, exclaims itself wonderfully, and leaves its mark on others unforgettably.
It leaves part of itself behind only to return with double zeal!!
It's a double cherry on top in an extra dollop of whipped-cream.
It's a double scooped, double looped wonder charged with life in a dream.
Exclamation behavior is exciteable and contagious.
It provides relief to question marks, periods, and semi-colons and ushers in the delightful energy of a needed bounce!
Get out there ... it urges.
Quit settling for mediocrity and a life void of "life."
Live the more you were called to live in an exclamatory way!
+Entertain new ideas.
Read. Read. Read. Allow your mind to explore and entertain new ideas, new locations, and new authors.
+Engage in new relationships.
Join a club or adventure where you admit yourself as a perfect stranger and intentionally get to know others.
 +Explore new adventures.
Visit a place you've never been and engage all five senses in the experience.
+Experience life.
Identify yourself with an exclamation mark!
Live a life of extra whipped-cream ...
and add an extra cherry!