By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

His little face is pushed hard against the window;
His hands pound against the cold glass;
His exalted little screams are heard from the inside ...
And we've almost arrived!
The porchsteps are taken in two's in swift energetic steps ... and finally we have our little guy "in the flesh."
He burrows himself into my waiting hungry arms and, one breath of him, is enough to intoxify my soul and send it reeling.
Mmmm ...
The presence of a grandchild;
Beautiful little Owen.
The two of us bundle up and head out into the outdoors, hand in mittened-hand we go.
We toss a blanket into our "uncovered" little red wagon and make our escape from home ... trudging into unchartered territory:
Around bound haybales,
Down little "pastured" roads,
And through the "beaver forest" of brushpile and dead trees.
Perfectly delightful and not a single thing out of place;
We make our adventure together.
We stop and linger at little crossings where "little people" feel a need to stop and pick up rocks and little important sticks.
We wipe cold runny noses and replace mittens repeatedly.
And we laugh and exchange hugs and kisses all along the way ... and the journey is beautiful because of the little boy.
Completely and entirely invigorated, my soul is reenergized and given a boost of rehydrating unconditional love.
How does one ever get enough of it?
Hmmm ....
Children realign adult souls with all that is pure, true, and good.
Emphatically graceful and unpretentious in all of their ways, they invite us to explore life and love ... and somehow give us the opportunity to breathe again.
In eye-opening innocence,
Energetic expression,
Vulnerable hopefulness,
And explosive wonder,
Children afford us a glimpse of what our souls are to "look like" when we place them in the hands of an unconditionally loving God.
Waiting, Anticipating, Hopeful.
May this day be a journey with God in an "uncovered" beautiful red wagon.
May He intoxify your senses with the scent of His holy goodness and may His glory refuel and refill you with all that is good, pure and right.
For this moment,
In this moment,
Take two steps at a time,
And be gathered into the arms of God.
The journey is beautiful ...
Because "He" is with us.
-Psalm 139