By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

" ... she was incapable of being lukewarm about anything that pleased her. She simply did not know how to give a halfhearted response. When she was delighted, she was as likely as not to stand on her tiptoes and clap her hands. If people laughed at her, she laughed with them."
-Willa Cather
I've read these lines a thousand times and then once more ... and even clapped.
With the woman I'm familiar and with the nature I'm united.
We are one.
It's a curious thing to be engaged in a book and find one's self spilled out across the pages. It's a mysterious providence to find one's self staring back from between the lines and connecting familiar dots that could have been one's own.
And there she was and there I was ... on a prarie landscape.
Inside the brain
Two memories that long had lain
Now quivered toward each other, lipped
Together, and together slipped;
And for a moment all was plain ...
-Robert Frost
Reading is an extraordinary and empowering activity:
It fosters inflection, reflection, and creativity.
It induces empathy and sympathy.
It speaks to commonality and individuality and invites us into intimate camaraderie ... if we will dare. Reading implores the mind to think and encourages the mind to explore the way others think.
And sometimes when we least expect it, we meet up with ourselves in the middle, and discover our truest selves between the lines written by another.
Two memories that long had lain ...