By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

A biography on Steve Jobs has proven valuable and the reading of it has provoked challenge and inspiration.
Over that remarkable untangible thing called "time," Steve Jobs "graduated" from his garage (his computer haven,) into a corporate office. His superior love and knowledge of electronics, coupled with a strategic business mind and financial savvy, wove itself into the mental fabric and company he created called "Apple."
 Steve Jobs had the ability to set peoples' minds ablaze with desire, and the launching of computers into early California classrooms proved one of the wisest, though costly investments, he ever made.
He worked through a maze of technology glitches and retained his enthusiastic zeal for learning, teaching, and bettering the lives of others through the arena of electronics. Throughout his life he made learning and "updating" his mission.
Small wonder he is haled as one of the most admired business leaders in the world.
"His greatest gift was the ability to know what technology the public wanted, even before they did."
"On December 12, 1980, Apple Computer became a public company. Shares of Apple began the day selling at $22 each. Over 4.5 million shares sold out in just minutes. This was the largest IPO (Initial Public Offering) since the Ford Motor Company went public in 1956. By the end of the day, shares were worth $29 each, and the company was worth $1.778 billion. At least forty Apply employees became instant millionaires through their shares."
Hmmm ...
Who would've guessed that a love for technology would prove so explosive?
Who, but God, knows the things He has prepared in advance for any of us to do?
It's all such an amazing wonder, dear Reader.
God has outfitted each of us with gifts that are intended to lend themselves to a "graduation" from one place to another. In His time and in His way He moves us from a "garage" to a unspecified calling and "place" thought unthinkable in earlier days. He outfits and indentures His "beloved" with an internal composite and concoction of specified "gift" in order to bring Him glory and praise and He does it in seemingly impossible but explosive ways.
And none but God knows how He will do this.
Dear Reader, don't underestimate the workings and gifts of God stationed in your "being" no matter how small they may appear. Utilize every little thing He gives you for His glory and commit the outcome to His care and keeping.
Labor for the betterment of others and employ His passion at work within you.
Employ yourself with the Spirit's enablement and energy, and ask Him for the wisdom of His directive all-seeing eye to fill you.
Navigate your life by the open Word and the open Word will navigate itself through you.
Pray for "Apple" passion and become an "Apple" ambassador for Him.
To God be all glory great things He has done;
 And great things He shall do ... Yes.
 "For we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them."
Ephesians 2:10