By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon Him, went forth and said unto them, "Whom seek ye?' They answered Him, 'Jesus of Nazareth.' Jesus said unto them, 'I am He.' And Judas also which betrayed Him stood with them. As soon then, as He had said unto them, 'I am He,' they went backward and fell to the ground."
John 18:4-6
Hmmm ...
This curious passage steals my imagination and arrests my attention.
Why it isn't the subject of more sermons I cannot say; perhaps because the cross itself becomes the focal point and men desire to move on with the entirety of story.
In any event ...
 I cannot "not stop" here.
It's saturated with significance and meaning.
The imagery presented instills a picturesque story of heightened holiness and glory:
+Jesus speaks a word and men fall backwards.
+Jesus tells the truth and He moves forward.
Jesus identifies His personhood and Godhood;
 and men are clearly, demonstrably, and physically affected.
Even Judas ...
What if you had been one of the men?
-Would you not have been "freaked out of your senses" to feel your whole body seized by an uncontrollable power that made you fall flat on your back.
-Would you not have strangely wondered whether Jesus was truly everything He said and wished to reconsider?
-Would you not have wanted to "part with the pack" and declare Christ's word sufficient and more powerful than all the men put together?
Hmmm ...
Think. Think. Think.
I conclude, my friend, that a great wisdom lies in the name of Jesus;
that we either fall backward or move forward on account of His name.
And this reality charges, empowers, and inspires me.
What does it do for you and do you find yourself falling backward or moving forward in response?
Stop and think.

1) John 18 is an extraordinary and activity-filled chapter.
Read it in its entirety and record what realities make you fall backward.
2) Which character outside of Jesus makes you stop, pause, and reconsider?
3) Record truths and realities that reinforce and recharge your understanding and faith in Jesus.
Listen closely to Him and move progressively forward.
Love the life you live ...
because of Him.