By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Nowhere in the Scripture do I read about  "acts of Lent."
Everywhere in the Scripture I read about "acts of love."
"Now before the feast of the passover, when Jesus knew that His hour was come that He should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved His own which were in the world, He loved them unto the end."
John 13:1
Following this verse is a humility birthed in foot-washing and acts of service defining Christ's intense love for His followers.
Judas was included.
Heavy stuff.
Was Jesus "giving up" or "giving more?"
Hmmm ...
The days leading up to Easter ought to be charged and reinforced with the life-giving qualities of deep love and sacrificial service.
In a decidedly affirmative way, we are to act out the implications of God's love to us.
Could anything be more God-honoring or more Christ-commemorating than the manner in which we love?
Live out the adventure of Easter, my friend, in a visible and demonstrative way.
Love deeply,
show mercy,
apply grace,
participate in healing, growth, and life.
Define redemption.
Give of yourself to the Master and love Him passionately, openly, and suggestively.
Look at the cross, 
see the joy set before you,
and love.
These thoughts were cast upon me in the night, my friend, as I lay listening to the Christ. I put them before "you" this Easter season in an earnest attempt to together, witness and explore the "heart" of Easter.
If acts of Lent aren't contributing to deeper acts of love, they serve no purpose and ought to be given up.
And ...
If the tradition of Lent enlists deeper acts of service and love to man and God;
 then participate whole-heartedly and love joyfully in its season.
But don't confuse the tradition of men with the acts of God because they are very often opposed and in contrast to one another.
The reality of redemption is living and beating in you.
Listen loud.
Love strong.
Be bold, emphatic, and declarative in the manner in which you love.
Go deeper ...
1) Read John 13 (x3).
Record three "discovery" words preceding Easter.
My selections:
Towel. Washing. Love.
How curiously beautiful these three words look together.
2) Translate the three words you selected into an adventure of service.
My adventure will include the following:
-Aloe socks, peppermint lotion, and a towel and tender truth lovingly gifted and given to another.
-An empowering "read through" of John 13 with another and an honest conversation.
-A visit to the hospital or nursing home filled with energizing, enthusiastic love.
Quick energizing bouts of creative love will be strewn abundantly throughout this day from me. Look out if you're on the path.
Mmmm ...
3) What "acts" preceding Easter best speak to the Father's love and intention of Easter?
What truths are made evident and activated through John 13?
How far was Christ willing to go for you?
How far are you willing to go for another?
It's time to live out the Easter adventure.