By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The question to ask yourself isn't whether you have the answers but whether you ask the questions.
Mmmm ...
+Questions are a revelation about your curiosity, hunger, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and desire to learn.
+Questions are more hearty and industrious than opinions, and more valuable than answers; they wield the power to invoke and provoke stimulating conversation and induce the mind to stand on a platform of its own.
+Questions speak to a quest for learning and provide an advanced curriculum, education, and helpful resource for both the present and future.
Take this three point quiz:
1) Name three individuals who ask excellent questions and consider their level of intelligence.
Are these individuals not given a considerable mental upgrade?
What does this say to you about them?
Does it not speak to humility, interest, and curiosity?
2) Name three individuals who are continually spouting off personal opinions, ideas, and maybe even knowledge.
What traits speak to this individual?
Does it not assert an individual's sense of superiority, pride, and some little arrogance to some degree.
Hmmm ....
3) Do "you" ask questions or do you provide answers?
What does this say about you and what does it suggest to you about yourself?
Do you like the "you," you are?
 Consider and reflect on the questions you ask and you'll find they provide you with a stimulating commentary about yourself.
Are you self-minded or other-minded?
Do you speak to a desire to say more or learn more?
Remember that questions provide fodder for relational, mental, and educational growth and wield the power to breed intimacy, exchange, and relationship with others.
+Ask hard questions.
+Ask probing questions.
+Ask questions that promote and induce intelligence.
Questions are beautiful, inspiring, and delicious.
Questions speak to beautiful revelations about the soul.
Ask three questions and tell me who you are.
A thoughtful bridge to the mind of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor:
"If there was one thing about Sonia, it was that she wasn't afraid to ask questions. She had a natural curiosity ..."
-S. Mendoza