By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

My brother-in-law Irv is a full-blooded Jew;
And his parents orthodox Jews.
His lineage has been fully recorded and his ancestrial roots rehearsed since birth.
He hails from the line of Levi,
The line of the priesthood.
His distinctions bear an earmark to the understanding of parents who know, to some degree, that they are a "savored and favored" people preserved and preordained by God as His "chosen" and elect for all eternity.
*The Reader should be aware that the term "Jew" is making a beautiful and wondrous comeback and its "usability" growing more endearing.
The heritage and history of God's beautiful people and their "chosenness" is no small matter.
Indeed, if God were to grant "me" the fulfillment of an earthly wish, it would be for a biological course of Jewish blood to flow forcibly and distinctively through my veins.
And though He hasn't asked or granted me such wish,
He knows my heart on the matter.
Hmmm ...
Carrie's wonderings about whether the church has replaced and become "heir" to the promises of God and the Jews' acting "substitute" is an excellent question with firmly rooted answers from God Himself.
Three basic but beautiful considerations for reviewal and rehearsal:
1) God is the Maker of Covenant and the Keeper of Covenant forever and ever through time. Amen.
It's imperative, for this reason, to understand the terms and usage of the word "Covenant" in the Bible.
The very word "Covenant" is impregnated with substance and meaning.
DIATHEKE -  In the rendering of early Hebrew this words signifies a "cutting or dividing" hence the remarkable illustration to be viewed and studied in Genesis 15:10-21 (Abram's dividing of animal and the burning lamp passing through).
This is an absolutely outstanding passage and the liberty of equating Christ with the burning lamp is one which I am comfortable asserting.
Do a "word" study on the word "Covenant," dear Reader, and record the usage of this word through both Old and New Testaments and you will find yourself notably blessed and notably wiser.
God's Covenant runs everlastingly upon the Jews.

2) God propagates, prepares, and preserves the Jewish people with promises and provisions, from beginning to end, as He does with no other people to such degree.
The lining of Jewish ancestrial patronage enveloping Genesis and then encasing Revelation is outstanding and remarkable.
Read it for yourself and it will grow roots in you.
Indeed, the holy Jerusalem from which God will one day rule, reign, and reside will be richly employed with the station and glorification of the Jews and their highly ornamented status.
God will see this through ...
And the results will be outstanding.
3) Jealousy, envy, and severe persecution abides on the heads of God's "chosen" ones;
This painful reality plays out from beginning to end in God's pure word and concludes with a cataclysmic "finale" as a result.
The Jews are pronounced "winners" before the battle ever takes place but the battle will be fought even still.
Satan hates the Jews;
So do the Arabs.
Isaac and Ishmael will forever be at war,
And until God settles the account, all nations will grow in their unrest.
"I Jesus have sent Mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star."
Revelation 22:16
Immanuel's blood, the Crimson flow,
Makes white as snow.
Of Jewish descent,
Our Savior, Christ.
The world's