By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Shanna is immersed in a vocational world composed of a wide variety of religions and cultures. Confusion continues to escalate in her as, day after day, a "foreign language" is communicated around her which is common to those in the Islamic community.
The two names commonly refererenced are "Allah" and "Muhammad."
Shanna would appreciate a distinguishing between the two, and an "easy to remember" aid for recall.
Hmmm ...
It's one thing to give an answer and it's another thing to make it memorable.
My objective will be to provide both, albeit, in a most elementary way.
Allah and Muhammad are, indeed, key to the Islamic (Muslim) faith.
Allah is known as the supreme being identified in the Koran as the "one and only God."
He is NEVER referenced or insulted with terms in connection to man.
He is not a father of anyone since he is supremely above all things.
There are no counterparts to his presence.
-No trinity.
-No son.
*For easy recall, think of the letter "A" in Allah (first letter of the alphabet) and the word "All" at the beginning of Allah.
Allah is "first" and Allah is "all" there is according to the Koran.
Muhammad, on the other hand, is an actual person and Islam's founding father.
Muhammad is highly respected as a leader but never revered as a deity.
He is viewed as, not only a messenger of Allah, but the last and most important prophet of Allah.
While he doesn't hold the status of a deity, he most certainly is afforded a position as mediator between Allah and the Muslim community.
*For easy recall, think "M" for Man and "Ammad" (a common boy's name and 'center' and end to literal name) as central to mediation and end prophet.
Reader's Assignment:
1) Tell me the difference between Allah and Muhammad utilizing the "recall" method presented.
2) Record the two names "Allah and Muhammad" on paper and subject yourself to a further mental retaining by dividing up the names and meaning.
Learn to familiarize yourself with the culture steeping in around you.
Be educated.
Be prepared.
Know your GOD.
"Jesus saith unto him, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me."

John 14:6