By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Danielle placed a sizeable prayer request before God regarding a financial matter.
Praying consistently and earnestly,
She asked God to make clear to her a specific amount of money to be applied to a specific endeavor to which she felt called.
An amount came.
Danielle, in good faith, put the generous amount of money down on the matter.
And within days ...
Everything went south.
Financial loss was the end result and the money was gone.
Danielle's prayer experience has shaken her to the core.
She is now experiencing what I call a "doubt bout."
Ever been there, dear Reader?
Can you feel Danielle's pain?
Have you ever prayed earnestly, imploringly, and desirously on a matter and felt "sure x 100" that you had heard from the Lord,
 Responded accordingly,
Only to find yourself in a slew and bog of doubt so mind-mucking you just wanted to allow yourself to sink into it and be done, because everything appeared to "come back" negative?
Hmmm ...
Critical and crucial to our faith is the understanding that we have a "Heavenly Father" invested and interested in our lives.
And we do.
Critical and crucial to our faith is our response to His overtures of love for us and obedience to His charge to us ... whatever that charge might be.
While it is natural for us to crave visible signs and manifestations of favorable blessing in the wake of a prayer request, we must not confuse the "seeming" negatives that follow or difficult outcomes on the heels as rejection from God or a lack of hearing from God,
But to the contrary.
Some of the most active, life-changing, and faith building participants in the development of  our faith are steeped in the difficulties, crisis, and "seeming" disasters that we find ourselves subject to.
Formation of soul is a slow and tedious thing, dear Reader, but be sure, no outcome preventing, that obedience garners the favor of God and will result ultimately in blessing from Him every time.
In His time and in His way,
God will elevate Himself and His glory as He deems best.
His purposes, while differing vastly from ours, might appear questionable, strange, and difficult to comprehend, yet they all remain "pieces" of a much larger mystery which works in subjection to God and with the object of glorifying Him.
The lives of Moses, David, Daniel, Ruth, and Esther attest wonderfully to these realities.
Study them, dear Reader, and be encouraged.
In the meantime we must entrust God with our "doubt bouts" and our "pout bouts" and keep on moving after Him.
Waiting. Watching. Hoping. Praying.
Believing. Receiving. Responding. Discovering.
The goodness of God never ends,
Trust ... even when the road bends.
"Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not."
Jeremiah 33:3