By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"Except I shall see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into His side, I will not believe."
John 20:25
Chris sat across the table from me in a deep and anxious-ridden state. Rebounding out of a toxic relationship and a severe financial setback, she couldn't see the presence of a loving God in her midst.
"What do I do when I doubt so big?" she asked.
"How can I believe when I hurt so bad?"  
"What if God really doesn't care?"
Hmmm ....
Fears, doubts, and perplexities greet and meet each of us at different junctures in our lives. What we do with them and where we go with them determines who we "become" in them.
It's a significant process forging lifelong ramifications.
Since empowering options exist,
 I'd like to explore some life-charging possibilities.
1) Record your fears and doubts on paper.
There's something constructive, concrete,and therapeutic about writing and recording thoughts, even if you're not a writer.
Writing confirms, affirms, and aids in actualizing the realities being internalized.
Writing is a concrete catalyst to constructive growth and a beginning place to exploring change.
This is your moment.
Seize it.
2) Reflect on three individuals who have experienced doubts and fears, similar to yours, and have earned your respect.
Here's where the journey gets interesting, dear Reader, and grows substantially more active and productive:
-Individual #1 must be someone you know in real life
You must make contact with this individual in some way and expose a readiness and desire to learn from their experience.
There is nothing in all the world which fosters and forges camaraderie like a "shared" experience (positive or negative.)
Utilize the positive and constructive empowerment of another individual's life and work it into your own.
You will be amazed at what this does for you, dear Reader!
-Individual #2 must be a historical individual who has been written about, talked about, or identified as possessing a similar doubt, fear, or crisis.
Take a trip to the library or order a book off of Amazon targeting the specific individual you've chosen.
Tell me if you don't find yourself empowered by the mere employment of this activity.
It's a "top-shelf" wondrous remedy to rebuilding the mind and bridging it with hope, life, and positive mental reinforcement.
Make your trip or order NOW.
-Individual #3 must be a character from the Bible who positively identifies with your fears and doubts ... and walks you into more of Jesus in the midst of them.
Many times we distance ourselves from God's word, in our uncertainty, forgetting that characters of the past dealt with the same plagues of fear and doubt we deal with today.
Read and reread the Biblical account of this particular individual and witness the impact of God in their lives, in spite of and because of, the issues they were dealing with and faced with.
Record "empowering" traits that energize and encourage you;
And worship God in whatever place He leads you to.
Mmmm ...
I'm grabbing your hand and imploring you to move forward, dear Reader.
Deal "head-on" with your doubts, fears, and misgivings and remember:
The bend in the road's not the end of the road;
 But a marker to a very new beginning.