By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Cally is beautiful, bright, and vivacious;
Her outward shell projects little about what her inward shell is housing.
Brewing beneath the surface are fears, doubts, and self-identity concerns.
Homosexual desires and suicidal tendencies have intersected and played havoc with Cally for as long as she can remember.
Becoming a Christian didn't deliver her from the desire or tendency toward either.
The haunting stigma in the Christian community surrounding these hidden sin arenas has become an incalculable burden and weight for thirty plus years in Cally's life:
Why has God given me these unnatural tendencies? she asks,
 And why hasn't He lovingly removed them upon desire and request?
The scrutiny of sin is a deadly business,
And the ranking of sin leads to nothing but isolation, despair, and death.
Christ did not come to do either but to save from both.
For every sin there is a remedy.
For every heartache there is a hope.
For every trial there is a truth.
For every crisis there is a compassion.
For every temptation there is offered the tender mercy of a loving Christ.
There is no "ranking of sin" in the heart of the Father;
There is only a "ranking of blood" and an understanding that no sinful "composite" of an individual's life can compare to the measureless, vastless, and redemptive reserve of mercy God has supplied and applied to His child through the blood of His Son.
It is the blood that earns the "ranking" and not the sin;
And of this there shall be no end.
Satan seeks to accuse, condemn, and bring to death,
And he employs many, mysteriously, in his mission.
Christ seeks to deliver, ransom, and redeem,
And He seeks for souls broken by sin's despairing conditions to call on Him and be saved through Him.
We need more "Blood Rankers" and fewer "sin rankers" in our midst ... who testify to the One complete and cleansing "Blood Donor," Jesus Christ.
When we become lovers of Him,
We live for Him and lives are changed.
Read, study, and meditate on Zechariah 3 today;
It's a wondrous illustration of John 3:17:
"For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved."