By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Continue - To persist in an activity or process.
To resume or recommence after interruption.
To move forward in a progressive manner.

You're faced with an obstacle and yet you have options.
You're faced with a trial and yet you can be triumphant.
You're faced with a crisis and yet you can remain committed.
Obstacles and conflicts of all kinds abound and persist in each of our lives in a variety of ways and it is how we choose to navigate them which speaks to our "becoming."
Hmmm ...
Benjamin Franklin rarely, in his young years, saw the inside of a classroom yet became one of the most brilliant minds of his time.
Serving as an indentured apprentice at a printing shop at the age of 12, he was denied access to the classroom and to a formal education.
No matter ...
Making up for a lack of formal training he made a financial and mental investment in books and acquired his learning through an intentional and consistent reading discipline.
His extraordinary ability to write came by way of recording and rewriting the great essays of admirable contemporaries and wise men of old.
Benjamin Franklin was a self-taught individual who thrived on the pursuit and practice of positive disciplines while employed in negative and difficult circumstances.
Perhaps Benjamin Franklin's most notable achievement is not in an invention or "Declaration" ... but in his resolve and devotion to make discoveries in his disappointments, distresses, and difficulties.
Many of you are facing difficulties, obstacles, and trials of an overwhelming nature.
I'd like to remind you of their counterpart where you persist:
Difficulties lead to great discoveries.
Obstacles invite great opportunities.
Trials afford great triumphs.
Crisis creates great character.
Continue. Persist. Engage.
Employ yourself in the options made available,
And discover the "more" that God has placed right there in front of you.
Become a Benjamin ...