By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

One of my goals is to be fully present and engaged in the moment.
-Snapping pictures for Facebook while engaged with loved ones is becoming unacceptable to me.
-Sneaking peaks at my phone while engaged in conversation with another is rude and lacks courtesy.
-Being absorbed with a phone instead of a person is wrong.
The results of being partially present are showing up:
-Attention span is decreasing.
-Intimacy is being stifled.
-Imagination and creativity is hindered.
-Intelligence is robbed.
-Conversation is superficial.
-Suicide rates are intensifying.
Community is robbed of true community when true "presence" is missing.
Technology is wreaking havoc in our relationships, senses, and sensibilities.
Its impact must be addressed in concrete, deliberate, and practical ways.
We have choices and options,
we need to consider them.
LIke you, there's a life I want to live, and that life involves whole-hearted and invested presence. I want to be fully present "in the present" with my loved ones.
Leaving my phone behind is part of the journey, and the art of "disengaging," I am learning, is an extremely rewarding one.
Join me on the journey ... of  cultivating healthy community.
Consider some rules of engaging and disengaging, and then act on them,
 and live out the life-giving difference.
Be present.