By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Whose voice urges you ...
to ignore probabilities and explore possibilities?
Whose voice challenges you,
to defy the odds and rise a victor?
Whose voice inspires you,
to refuse the negative and engage in the positive?
Whose voice ...
catapults you into new levels of awareness and new arenas of experience?
Who challenges you?
Who helps you climb mountains,
tread difficult terrain,
endure pressure and strain,
and encourages you to take another step forward?
Who's the challenging individual in your life that translates Beagle vision into Eagle vision? 
Who helps you look "up" when you're tempted to look down?
The decisions you and I make on a daily basis change us.
Eagle or Beagle ... choose your "vision partners" wisely and live out the adventure you were made for.
+Be mindful of the company you keep; it's having an impact on you.
+Be selective of the books you read; the author's thoughts are being digested by you.
+Be conscious of the music you select; the lyrics are being rehearsed in you.
+Be careful with the "sites" you choose and the technology you use; it's affecting you.
Move with "Eagle-eyed" adventurists and partner up with visionary individuals.
Your lens will change ... your life will change.  
From Beagle to Eagle.
Love the life you live.