By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Beautiful counselors, wise advisors, and seasoned individuals line the corridor of my life, along with a host of new company comprising various occupations in a variety of locations.
They have been eyes for me,
Ears for me,
And love to me.
Sometimes I scratch my head over these seemingly strange and unlikely encounters, and other times I'm like a child exploring and exclaiming to all the possibilities.
I feel myself an undeserving recipient of a thousand relational graces;
And I can't help but wonder what and who you see in "your" life.
God has His reasons, His seasons, and His special purposes, dear reader, for bringing "you" to the place where now you find yourself.
All praise be to Him;
His work goes on.
The mystery of God lies in His undeserved kindness and goodness.
The more we see of our "badness," the more we witness His goodness.
The more we know of our frailty, the more we know of His sovereignty.
The more we see of our brokenness, the more we witness His faithfulness.
The list of contrasts goes on and on without end;
All that we are and all that we are not.
And these "seeming bad things" about ourselves, when we are honest with them,
Give vent to all the very good things about God and His merciful character.
The more we witness and experience our true selves;
The more Christ reveals to us of His true being.

God breaks us and then He makes us in a mystical, magical, mysterious way;
It's a painful and praiseworthy process by which He receives glory.
Our brokenness is His story at work within us;
And His glory is about His redemptive blood flowing through us.
We must love our brokenness ...
And all that leads us to Him.
Brokenness is beautiful.
Brokenness is beautiful.
Don't try to hide it.