By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Give me you ... and I will love you:
Not for what you pretend to be,
Not for what you think you should be,
Not for what you want to be,
Not for what you hope to be,
But just the way you are.
I will love you like this ...
And even more.
My friend cries and pours out her soul to me.
Expressing what she believes to be the depths of despair she asserts words intermittently through her broken sobs,
"Nobody must ever find out.
I would be hated, rejected, refused, and put out.
Nobody would love me."
Hmmm ....
These words, with only mild alterations, have been spoken to me so often that the voices could fill a stadium.
It's quiet on the other end as I introduce a thought that continues to permeate and be realized in my own life:
"Your most difficult truths, dear friend, will allow you to distinguish who it is that really loves you. If your "truths" disqualify you from being loved, do you believe yourself to have truly been loved at all?
And if your "pretense and projection" are your preferred methods of displaying yourself for a "false love,"
Is that what you really want?"
In the end, we must each decide how courageous we really dare to be with one another ... and allow the distinctions and divisions to be a part of God's greater plan for our lives.
There is something deeply liberating about "knowing" who it is that really loves you ... and there is something wondrously powerful and positive about "knowing" the God who really loves you.
It is in the "daring to be real" that sacred kinships and fellowships are formed,
And faith erupts into more ....
And we begin to "become" what God made us for:
Redeemed ambassadors bringing redemptive love to others and courageously identifying with others.
My new friend on the phone is vulnerable, exposed, and aching.
She has revealed her "hidden birthmark" to me and I have accepted her and participated in her healing by exposing my own.
Our stories may differ but we each have our "hidden marks."
Identification enables healing ... and healing brings feeling back into the soul.
I want my life to resound with this theme;
It is the theme of redemption.
And one's birthmark becomes one's "beauty mark" in the end.
And we are known.
"Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other."
Psalm 85:10
Beautiful blessed truth.