By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Of the books I've read, authors who have spoken most forcibly to me, and individuals who have wielded the deepest impact in my life, the theme of "solitude" has seemed an insistent and consistent factor.
As a result, a growing obsession for solitude and sacred retreat has burrowed itself suggestively into me.
Observations about silence and solitude:
-Stabilizing and virtuous qualities emerge from silence.
-Proficiency and provoking thought proceed periods of practiced solitude.
-Character and a sense of self are extracted through sacred retreat.
-Secrets from God and sacred disclosures are learned and earned through aloneness with Him.
All of these virtues and provisions, so valued by my soul, and beckoning me through seasoned "others," extended an invite and finally overcame me.
And now is my time.
Together, with my desert fathers and cloud of witnesses, I sequester my soul in a "silent hiding" for my first sacred retreat composed of three silent days.
This is my beginning place ...
this quiet space,
 reserved and preserved for communion with Christ, and beginning in a very short while.
Begin this year, my friend, by taking a tangible step with me into an arena of new discovery.
So much ahead in 2019 ...
"The New Year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written."
-Melodie M.

*The next three days will feature meaningful devotionals reflecting themes of solitude and silence.
May you be provoked, blessed, and purposefully inspired.