By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Sometimes we arrive in a place we don’t belong.
Instead of wondering how we got there … we need to invest our time and energy in forging ahead to where we need to be.
Here are three key strategies for progress:
1) Implement a Bible reading plan.
If you’ve never had one or don’t know where to begin, go to and choose an option that will carry you through the upcoming year. If you miss a day, let it go, and begin anew on “that” day’s reading. Many people fail at attempts to read through God’s word because they miss a day, week, or month, and then start all over again with a “stop” at the same old place because the reading was found to be disagreeable or difficult to digest.
Your success begins when you pick up on “today’s” reading regardless of the time lapse and chapters lost in between.
Believe me … it’s an effective and wise strategy!
To those of you who are already implementing a Bible reading plan; get out of your comfort zone and try a new one that challenges you deeper and fosters healthy growth.
God’s word is the most life-changing, mind-changing, heart-arranging plan for growth that exists. Steep in it and saturate your mind and soul in it daily and things will begin to change in your life.
It’ll happen because God says so.
2) Pray.
If you’re not used to accessing your knees I urge you to try it. There’s something about a bent posture that conditions the soul to recognizing God’s grace in a different way.
Begin prayer with an extolling of who He is and assert the basic realities of who you are. Take care of the sin that’s impairing your soul and get on track in your communion with Christ.
Bend your knees and pray;
It will change you.
3) Rub shoulders with individuals (utilize books,) and participate in activities that foster growth in your walk with Christ.
Be intentional about who you spend time with and where your time is going. Evaluate and assess where you will end up if you keep up your present pursuits.
Make appropriate changes and do what you have to do to get in sync with the Lord.
Change leads to growth.
Shut off Facebook and text messaging for just one hour, replace it with God’s word, and see if you don’t note a decided difference in how you think, feel, and live.
Move toward the place you were meant to be.
Begin now.