By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The Arc of Dreams is a massive stainless steel sculpture spanning the Big Sioux River between 6th and 8th Street. She's close to the span of a football field and arched 70 feet above the river. As the eye travels upward one notes a formidable gap between the two structures leaving them divided at the peak and in the center.
Hmmm ...
The 18 foot gap represents the "leap of faith" dreamers must take to achieve their dreams.
Inviting. Inspiring. Intoxicating.
Open to the public, though not officially construction-free,
I exposed my dreams to a "dare" yesterday, while standing on the survey bridge situated nearby. I found myself realizing dreams to a fuller extent and conceptualizing the strategic energy needed for the completion of them.
The gap adequately expresses and invites risk, dare, and exploration into itself by visibly identifying the 18 foot gap between:
 +Dream and Achievement.
+Goal and Attainment.
+Desire and Fulfillment.
Energy. Adventure. Risk. Exploration. Dare.
These are all necessary components to the realization of a dream.
Identify your dream, close the gap, and enjoy the leap!
The Arc of Dreams is a place to "dream and dare" and I'll accompany many of you there.
At the center of 6th and 8th ...
A place to dream.