By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

1) A '67 black Chevy truck with classy silver chrome on the exterior and a deep velvet red on the interior.
*I've got a picture of her on my cell;
 I'm very specific.
2) A trip to Alaska where the ten highest mountain peaks in the United States prevail.
3) A climb up Harney Peak with an unknown individual.
4) Close association with two individuals deemed hopelessly "unfixable."
5) Participation in a spiritual revival.
6) Growth and discovery in our new business venture.
7)  An invitation to explore a place I've never been.
8) To fall more and more in love with Jesus and, thereby, fall more and more in love with those He intersects me with.
9) To walk in my Savior's country, meet His people, and visit my Israel.
10) To live life with passionate expression and unquestionable response;
Openly, emphatically, earnestly and energetically charged.
Gosh, but I love rehearsing this list, dear reader.
It sets my heart, soul, and mind on fire and does a thousand beautiful things inside.
I pick up my coffee cup, smell the strong brew, and let the strength of it fill me and trickle in.
And I dream far "beyond the ten" to so much more.
Mmmm ...
For dreams, desires, goals, aspirations, and ambitions;
Glory be to God and all His goodness.
God has made each of us in a beautifully creative way;
 And originality is part of the package.
Don't rob Him of His intention and His glory by trying to be like everybody else.
There's so much packed inside of "you" yet waiting to be discovered.
Breathe into the air God has placed you in,
 Surround yourself with those who help you dream again.
And open up God's beautiful word and live again.
Alive, living, active and expressive;
These are the traits of God the Father.
These are the traits which bear witness to His name,
And which testify to whom our souls belong.
-Psalm 139-