By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"There is no doubt that a person who has experienced and triumphed over tremendous adversity clearly has strong references from which to build a consistent level of confidence — a belief or faith in themselves and in others, and the capacity to overcome challenges."
-Tony Robbins
Consider individuals of character, depth, intelligence, and resource and you'll discover that conflicts, obstacles, and crisis were generally the creators and instigators of them. There is nothing but hopeful remedy and resource to be attached to the "common man of struggle" who accepts personal responsibility for a problematic arena of life, educates himself appropriately on it, and then utilizes it in an informed and helpful manner with the goal of bettering and helping others.
This individual will bear an emblem, not of shame, but of valuable name recognition employed in the education and empowerment of others.
If not now, then a time of later providence.
Three Notable Resources:
+A.A. began in 1935 when two hopeless alcoholics intersected.
Bill W., was a successful New York stockbroker and Dr. Bob S., was a brilliant surgeon.
Linked openly by a common infirmity, the two men eventually and successfully found and fostered an aid of enablement through "shared" struggle, education, and accountability.
They called it Alcoholics Anonymous.
 Bill and Bob recognized a value in fostering relationship through a connecting struggle and created a shared fellowship where individuals gather and discover healing, growth, and restoration.
"Bottoms up" to Bill and Bob.
Go and do likewise.
+Rosa Park's defied the law when she refused and rejected bus driver James F. Blake's order to seat herself in the "colored section" of a bus.
While she wasn't the first person to resist bus segregation, she was chosen by the NAACP (National Association the for Advancement of Colored People) to represent the rights of "colored" people and become a positive and catapulting force in the early civil rights movement.
A controversial figure and icon of resistance, Rosa Parks was familiar with suffering and persecution of a monstrous kind. She successfully, constructively, and ardently laid early claim to the rights which would eventually be procurred for all African Americans.
Aprons off to Rosa Parks.
Go and do likewise.
+Johanna Mansfield Sullivan Macy, better known as Anne Sullivan, contracted an eye disease at the early age of five leaving her blind and void of writing and reading skill. The brilliant mind behind the blindness possessed a keen determination to advance in learning and went on to become an outstanding student at the Perkins School for the Blind. At 20 years old, Anne brilliantly combined and applied her extraordinary education of blindness and brilliance to wild child, Helen Keller, who became an outstanding spokeswoman for handicapped individuals around the world.
A clink of "glasses" and cheers to Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller.
Go and do likewise.
These individuals didn't bulk or run from difficulties but made use of them and found themselves "sources of the greatest resources" to be imagined.
It's through our difficulties that unimaginable discoveries are made.
Be an individual ...
 who empowers others.
"I knew someone had to take the first step and I made up my mind not to move."
-Rosa Parks