By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Twice in a week an incident most unfortunate has occurred,
Right outside my client's living room window.
Sit beside me and "see" with me:
A large bay window is the lens which my client looks daily through from her Lazy Boy, worn, blue rocking chair. Featured outside of the window, maybe six feet away, is a tender, budding rosebush almost ready to burst.
Situated directly beside the rosebush is a bird-bath;
Situated above the birdbath is a hanging finch feeder generally composed of thistle seed and mouth-watering finch seed.
Mmmm ....
The little yellow finches congregate in friendly groups throughout the day around the feeder providing color and company to my client's aging eyes.
The largest group gathering to date includes seven little finches at the feeder all at once, but generally the numbers agree to three or four.
Beginning on early Monday, my client heard the glass rattle soundly on the bay, as a bird plowed forcefully into the window.
Because I was tending to other tasks, the matter was not made known to me until noon.
Upon learning of the bird, I ran outdoors only to find a lovely little finch laying dead and breathless beneath the shadow of the bay.
I picked her up and refuse to tell the reader the life and prayer with which I tried to sustain her, but unfortunately to no avail.
Placed beneath a beautiful green Evergreen, she gave up her weary wing flight and lay quiet.
Bugger and blast.
What a keen disappointment to both my client and me.
Thursday morning, strangely, the same thing occurred but this time the glass rattled so soundly that I heard it myself.
Responding immediately to the grave danger of an unknown bird, I raced outside only to discover a second little yellow finch laid low beneath the bay, yet again.
Reaching out to gather the little lifeless form,
I was surprised when the expected response was not the expected response.
With resilience and bold fortitude, her wings sprang to life and my presence must have given her a living heart-attack which catapulted her into the lovely yellow rose bushes some distance away.
I talked to God about these little "finch" matters and wondered at the same experience "experienced" by two little finches resulting in two different outcomes.
Both experienced a "bird bash."
Both experienced different outcomes.
One died and another lived.
Hmmm ...
Throughout our lives the little finch scenario reveals itself.
We have all experienced a "bird bash" of some sort and experientially understand what the sound of a "bird bash" sounds like.
-We get to choose to respond, or not, to the sound of another bird hitting the window.
-We get to choose to pretend, or not pretend, that a bird lies fallen, weak, and hurt, outside the bay.
-We get to choose what kind of people we are when windows are hit and vulnerability lies exposed outside our "bay."
More and more this reality, composed of revelations, is provoking to me.
It is the story of the good Samaritan reenacted.
Luke 10:25-37
Read and reflect on it.
Our responses are indicative of God at work in our lives or God not at work in our lives. Our responses are our display of who we believe God is and who we believe God is not.
Lord, teach us by how You reach us ...
How to love You and how to love others more effectively.
Keep the little finch alive ...
And help me to be sensitive in how I respond to a living "bird bash."