By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Black Velvet is a Canadian whiskey known for its smooth taste and its black labeling.
Whether the “taste” analysis is correct remains unknown but the appeal of the labeling I will vouch for.
My daily speed walk is a manifestation of my thought life: intense, driven, focused ... and
frequently, it is the behind the scenes “voice” which provides me with fodder and fuel with which to write.
It is a coveted sacred time.
God was asked by me, on one such walk, to display an object that would speak to me.
Hmmm …
Shortly thereafter my eye was drawn to a classy little bottle with a black and red label. Almost immediately I could see, in my mind, a lovely little vase with flowers on my writing desk. Scooping it up, I examined it, and was met with the amusing prospect that my “miniature eye-appealing vase” was a little whiskey flask labeled,
Black Velvet.
I carried it tightly to myself for some little while, engrossed in deep thought and earnest wonderment …
And then the same cars idled by and looked at the bottle and me simultaneously with windows rolled down and the whole “look” of it so thoroughly amused me that I almost didn’t want to let the “bottle” go.
But I did because I thought it was right and my “gate” still appeared to be stable.
Begrudgingly, it was set down … but not in my mind;
I wish I would’ve saved the bottle.
A brief education, on my return home, of Black Velvet Whiskey was supplied me by Google in an effort to garner all I could from the bottle.
If my information is incorrect feel free to inform me.
Deep thoughts and reflections were afforded me by that bottle and my expression of thankfulness to God is sincere.
Here’s the message from the bottle:
Sometimes we hold things that aren’t right or helpful for our growth.
Engrossed in emotion, curiosity, and attractive labeling, we hold a “Black Velvet” tightly to ourselves, not realizing that the bottle may translate into a habit, tendency, or even an addiction if held with time.
The ingredients found in the bottle are not sufficient to sustain or satisfy thirst and possess nothing of substance or nutritional quality.
They may appeal to the tongue but they don’t appeal to the Spirit.
The effects of the “Black Velvet” linger.
One more taste please …
How destructive and hell-bent Satan is on appealing to us through our earthly senses and
how earnest and honest we must be with ourselves and with others in our “sampling taste” of something so destructive.
Because over time, that “bottle” gets hidden ... but all the while it's playing havoc with us and we know it’s doing something very destructive inside.
Praise God for His Spirit which works overtime to overshadow the compromise of the “Black Velvet.”
Praise God for an internal supernatural voice that speaks louder than any “bottle” and exerts its power over any taste and presence that suggests it has hold of us.
Praise God for a mind that is shown deception and brought into confession.
Do I believe in miracles?
Yes …
Every time a bottle is let go,
God is supernaturally at work ... and He ought to be praised.
It is my belief, my friend, that when we live in the “raw” and choose to be real, that we each have a “Black Velvet” to deal with and expose in our lives.
Be it gambling, smoking, drinking, doping, carousing, pornography, infidelity, alcohol, eating, indulging, cutting, sniffing, gossiping, idleness, and all the rest … you get it.
In a most gentle but pressing way I urge you, my friend, to deal honestly with the “Black Velvet” in your personal life and lay the bottle down once and for all.
For the soul that acknowledges its deception through confession,
God be praised and grace be yours in true abundance.
A new chapter begins ...
“But you were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.”
1 Peter 2:25