By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

God brings us into the knowledge of things in timely and curious ways.
Consider the following scenarios and contribute a few of your own:
+Rejected by the American Red Cross for a donation of blood, I learned of an extremely low hemoglobin count. I was referred to a Doctor immediately and tests revealed a severe anemia. A heavy iron supplement was provided and prescribed for the rest of my life. Since I have an unusually high energy level and tendency toward physical exertion, the Doctor said I was fortunate I hadn't been found passed out somewhere.
Thank God for a desire to donate blood.
+Steve slipped on ice while taking out the garbage and landed in the ER with a broken arm. During the casting of the arm he suffered a massive heart attack and learned that he wasn't as fit as his body suggested. An active and ardent sport enthusiast, Steve was in the best shape of his life, or so he thought. Steve would not likely have survived the "widowmaker" had he been anywhere else but the hospital.
Thank God for a busted arm.
+Gina went into the Dentist for a basic cavity filling and learned of a tumor near the back of her mouth. A visit to the Specialist and one surgery later, the tumor was removed in an entirely contained and encapsulated state. It was agreed that the cavity saved the day and prevented what could have turned to be an awful health scenario.
Thank God for a cavity.
The affording of timely grace is a wondrous thing.
 God prescribes early "treatments and trials" in curious forms to each of our lives in order to forewarn, prepare, and prevent us in advance from experiencing dire consequence and even calamitous ruin of some kind in a later end. We are wise to reflect on the negative "might have beens" which "could have been," and simply offer God praise.
This is His work alone.
Consider areas in your life where God has sustained you with "grace" providences that early on didn't appear as likely favorable providences:
Financially. Relationally. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually.
What has God spared you from?
What has God led you to?
But for the grace of God, where would any of us be?
For blood, breaks, and cavities ...
Give God thanks in advance.