By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"Always On My Mind"
"Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground"
"Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain"
"City Of New Orleans"
"Forgiving You Was Easy"
Willie Nelson is playing in the background,
and I drink him in like a cold glass of water on a hot day.
He never fails to prompt a poetic mood, and his gift for writing and original "tone" of eccentricity inspires me.
Willie Nelson is simply a one-of-a-kind, kind of individual.
What is it that makes him so different and special?
I can't speak for all of you but here's what makes my list:
+Willie Nelson is an extraordinary writer.
Every one of the above songs was penned by him.
+Willie Nelson is an unpretentious individual.
Rough around the edges but soft in the soul, his words resonate with a massive audience which readily identifies with him.
+Originality and eccentricity are clarified strengths of Willie Nelson's.
From looks, to dress, to voice, Willie Nelson manages to set himself apart by playing his own original part well. He does his own thing in his own way. He sings, strums, and plays like he's not on display and ... he does it beautifully.
+Willie Nelson is filthy rich and he doesn't care.
Maybe the tightened bandana around his head has kept him humble and down to earth. I'm not sure and I don't care. I just know I like it and respect it.
+Willie Nelson has been around the block.
He's experienced deep and profound hurts and heartaches in many areas of life, and then been able to translate those experiences effectively into words which produce help and healing to those around him.
+Willie Nelson's music is soul simple and complex all at once.
Long after he's listened to, he plays in the soul and sounds in the ear.
At least in me ...

Love is like a dyin' ember
Only memories remain
Through the ages I'll remember
Blue eyes cryin' in the rain ...
 *This one's for you, Dad.
You've always been able to "see" this song in me.