By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The wonderful empowerment of words has been granted and gifted to each of us.
Daily we get to determine what we choose to read,
Who we choose to read,
And what great or shallow minds we choose to identify ourselves with.
The most brilliant of minds and the wisest of souls is within arm's reach ... and a mere "thought" away.
Can we get our minds around this and take advantage of this?
Can we appreciate and enjoy the brilliant literary resources at our disposal 24/7?
Can we seriously be tempted by an employment of significant timeframe in the "shallows" of Facebook?
Oh, dear Reader, we must be done with these ridiculous "mind feedings" and absorb ourselves in that which conveys substance and causes us to become peoples of substance.
We will become, afterall, whatever we put our minds into.
Open up a book and inhale it.
Smell it,
Touch it,
Breathe it ...
And allow your whole being to be captivated by it.
Learn, dear Reader, and make it your mission to help others learn.
Pass along books and employ the gift of empowerment.
Reading is an extraordinary gift;
Take advantage of it.
The best book of all, dear Reader, is God's word, and of this "book" there shall be no end.
When all the words and works of men have changed and come and gone;
Only one book shall remain and it shall be God's.
His timeless word ... the Holy Bible.
Invest in it.
Saturate yourself in the Author's mind and you will become like Him.
You will begin to think like Him,
Speak like Him,
And love others better because of Him.
Read because you must, dear Reader.
Because Christ is your life ...
Your steady "Read."
"The grass withereth, the flower fadeth, but the word of our God shall stand forever."
Isaiah 40:8