By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Situated on either side of an extremely transitionary week (closure to caregiving), God placed two benevolent "bookends" in my life.
One "bookend" was named Owen and the other "bookend" was named Willow.
Owen is two and Willow is one ...
And both of these little people, were and are, beautiful empowerments in my life.
-Both played host to the tangible virtues of God's goodness and kindness on either side of internal and felt heartache this past week.
-Both succeeded to dislodge the grown up tendencies of worry, wonder, and anxiety and replace them with adventure, curiousity, and vibrancy.
-Both drew out and emphasized with naturalness, the unquestionable qualities pervasive in children:
Unconditional love. Curiosity. Kindness. Benevolence. Adventure. Vibrancy. Hope.
Hmmm ...
How tenderly and emphatically Christ employs gracious bookends on either side of our difficulties, trials, and heartaches, dear Reader.
How gently He supports, upholds, and strengthens the "in-between" chapters of our lives composed of uncertainty, fear, waverings, and wonderings.
How lovingly and tangibly He reminds us of His stationary love in our unstationary lives.
God is just so very good in His provision of "bookends."
Sitting on my desk, holding together a composite of my favorite books and commentaries, are two beatiful antique "bookends" resembling Owen and Willow.
A little boy and girl, images composed in weighted porcelain, colored in soft pastels, seated on a grassy plain, absorbed wholly in open books placed upon their little laps.
Together and apart these little "children" hold the in-between.
Together and apart,
God's tender empowerments.
For bookends and for all that's in-between,
I give God thanks.