By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Yesterday, I walked into the Nordstrom Johnson building at the Sioux Falls fairgrounds (Friday's Food Giveaway) filled with anticipation about who I might meet and what I might learn during my volunteer hours.
With a box-cutter in hand, my job was to slice the box tops off of plum boxes, for quick and easy distribution. While on my knees and 134% invested in my task, a "special" new friend interrupted my thoughts and humored me with a first and refreshing, informal introduction.
"I'm Tiffany, and I know who you are, and I'm glad to meet you. Would you like me to sing to you? I really like you and Brad Paisley."
Hmmm ...
I stopped my box-cutting and looked up into the expectant, excited eyes of my new friend, who was donning a "Go Vikings" purple cap stretched tightly over her dark, unruly hair.
Evidently, Tiffany (not her real name) had been watching me from the time of my arrival, convinced of my singing relationship with Mr. Paisley.
You must understand the humor of the situation, my friend, and how this early sentiment of greeting caught me so entirely off-guard.
My knowledge of country music and singers is relegated to two hands and ten fingers; the mention of Brad Paisley does nothing for me ... el-zilcho, no-face'o, nothing.
All attempts to disengage myself from Brad Paisley's company proved ineffectual and, in the end, served to only validate the certainty of my incognito presence.
Even my name tag and unusual name were deemed suspect.
So be humored by the next line, all you Country music lovers, when new friend Tiffany uttered,
"I wish you'd stay."
To which I replied,
"I'm not going anywhere. I'll be here for several more hours. Feel free to visit."
This blond stroke of genius was met with delightful laughter from Tiffany as she told me these were the words of her favorite Brad Paisley song.
Hmmm ...
Even though I had a lot of work to do, Tiffany kept up a lingering banter with me throughout the rest of the day. We talked about her life, her love for guitar, and her favorite music.
She asked me a lot of questions (mostly about Mr. Paisley,) and I loved her.
Her presence in my life is uniquely qualified as favorable and unforgettable.
Next week, I might be serenaded at the door with a rendition of, "Remind Me," which she desires to sing to me. This is good to know in advance since I might have thought it a legitimate, new curious line into our next exchange.
The people I meet are beautiful, insightful, and life-giving.
In offering myself to others, I'm given so much in return, and life is meaningful, impacting, and simply beautiful.
To Brad Paisley and his fan club, I make a toast.
I couldn't have done it without him.
*Maybe that could be his next song ...