By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The best education and most sought after virtues are generally attained through crisis and conflict.
Hence, my respect and belief in them.
Addictions, afflictions, health crisis, relational conflict, financial fall-out, and all the like wield the power to become a primary source of enablement and empowerment for ourselves and others when brought under the sustaining visionary and provisionary hand of God Almighty.
Expect to see God do something God-sized and supernatural when an individual offers her or himself up for God propping. Expect to see unstoppable progress, growth, and remarkable development of soul.
It's a surety, certainty, and guarantee.
+God wants to heal and make use of our darkest hours.
+God wants to liberate us from our internal hell.
+God wants full exposure and complete access to our brokenness so it can be utilized for His glory in the lives of others.
God values the things we despise and He's entirely unafraid and in charge of outcome and consequence.
Indeed, it's all working exactly as He has prescribed, planned, and ordained;
it's all in sync with His will.
He refurbishes, restores, renews, and replenishes all that is brought before Him and nothing is hidden from Him.
He creates us in His image,
 chisels us into His glory,
and hammers out an image made to serve Him.
It's an utterly painful, beautiful, dreadful, hurtful, process that gets glorifying results.
Self exposure is a hard notable process, my friend, but a most worthy one.
Let God bust you up.
Bring your worst to Him ...
and watch Him remake you.