By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

After an unforgettable four days with my daughters, I rise to this day with its rejuvenating effects still coursing through me.
Every "sensory" was tapped into and every beautiful memory shelved for rehearsal.
While popping into the shower one morning, a bowl of the most deliciously prepared exfoliant sat waiting for me. Composed of brown sugar and coconut oil, I applied a liberal lathering to myself and, combined with the hot steam and water of the shower, was translated into the most buttery, fragrant body one can imagine.
I can still smell it and feel the residual effects.
Later on, I made up the amazing concoction myself, and applied it to the feet and legs of my daughters, with their selection of nail polish as a "topper."
Mmmm ...
We shopped til we dropped,
made wondrous new book purchases,
and talked late and long about everything.
I loved listening to my daughters' latest book selection and the rehashing and the rehearsing of it, feeling almost split in two and undone by the beauty and realization of their growing relationship and the depth of it.
Books wield the mysteriously intoxicating power of creating growth and intimacy in relationship and few things delight me more, as their mom, than their "sisterly" monthly book reads.
They know this ... and invite me into their circle and exchange.
I watched clothes being tried on while listening to free liberal opinions fly back and forth between sisters on what "worked" and what didn't.
I studied the beautiful life-giving styles of my two very different daughters and watched clothing translate them into their "own" true selves.
And of course ... I participated.
From scent, to jewlery selection, to shoe style, I made new discoveries about them and with them, and locked them away for "safe keeping," knowing they'll come in handy when gift giving occasions rise ... or the urge to simply be a doting mom surfaces.
A few personal items of mine were "tried and claimed" as well,
and cheerfully resigned to their new owners.
We listened, gave, and loved one another so effortlessly, energetically, and beautifully.
So ... memorably.
From big things to little things and,
so many in-between things,
 our time together was ...
Brown sugar and Coconut oil.
For the rejuvenating effects of love and true relationship, I offer a toast, and dare myself to now compose this "mix" for another.
Mmmm ...
What a delicious way to love.
Who shall it be?
Brown sugar and Coconut oil ...