By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

This morning I rolled in brown sugar and coconut oil followed by a steaming hot shower.
I brought my lavendar yoga mat outdoors and enjoyed the accompaniment of early morning birds whistling while I stretched.
A load of deliciously fragrant sheets were transferred from the washer to the dryer, and pink toenail polish was applied generously to my hiking toes.
I trekked with Moses through three chapters of wilderness and "journeyed" with God in wonderment, meditation, and praise.
Clara Barton invited me into her journey of the Civil War via biography and I accepted and devoured a first chapter.
A South Dakota tourist magazine invited me to explore new terrain and my kitchen table is littered with hiking and exploratory cut-outs of places I wish to experience:
Mickelson Trail. Jewel Cave. Mammoth Site. Presidential Wax Museum. Sylvan Rock Climbing. Crazy Horse. *Spearfish Canyon.
In skimming through the colorful and awaiting adventures, my eyes and soul lit on a new and wondrous discovery just this morning:
 Chapel in the Hills (replica of the 850 year old Borgund Stabkirke in Norway.) The unique architecture fascinates me as does the compelling "pine retreat" description.
Sounds like a writer's paradise!
It's now first on my list ... and provokingly situated on top of my cut-out pile.
A WoodWick candle emits the sound of wood burning in the fireplace and fills my writing room with a musky, lusty scent of earth and cinnamon.
My morning has been absolutely delicious!
It started at 5:00 AM and it's only but 7:30 AM this moment.
The possibilities are endless for this day and the embracing of an early morning is 100% energizing to me.

Now it's time to write.
A few of you chuckle and understand my obsession with mornings!
They're so dang delicious ... along with a strong cup of bold, steaming coffee.
Mmmm ...
 and a reminder of why my husband gets tired. Ha.
Today I'll meet new faces and intersect new ideas.
Adventure, risk, and dare will be active particants on the journey ...
and a few of you will experience the "more" that you're hungry for.
There's nothing more beautiful and exhilarating than a life of adventure,
 and no individual more energizing and compelling than the one who wishes to experience it.
Explore. Experience. Engage.
Life is beautiful ...
Brown sugar beauty.